You have a free answering service that you can consult whenever you want with a single call to 121. The voice mailbox is activated by default when you sign up for your SIM line but you can deactivate it for free. To do this, you just have to dial the sequence ## 002 # on your mobile phone and press the call button.

To listen to the voicemail messages from your MirTelecom mobile, you simply have to call 121 from your own MirTelecom mobile line. This call is free if you are in Spain. When someone leaves you a message, we will send you a free SMS indicating the phone number that has called you.

We will ask you to select the language of your mailbox and record your personalized greeting. Callers are more likely to leave you a message if they recognize your voice in the personalized greeting. You can record or change your greeting later by selecting option 2 from the main menu (change greeting) and then option 1 (personalized greeting).

You can also later change both the menu language and the password. To do this, call 121 toll free and press 3 (set up mailbox). If you are a new user, you will receive a free SMS with your access code (necessary only to access the mailbox from another phone or from abroad).

It is convenient to define a password that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for other people to guess. Remember that the password must have between 4 and 7 digits, and cannot contain the same number (1111) or numerical sequences (1234). You can also modify it as many times as you need. You can change this password later at any time by calling 121, selecting option 3 (configure mailbox) and then option 1 (change password).

You can change your greeting by calling 121: select option 2 from the menu (change greeting) and then select option 1 (personalized greeting).

Desactiva buzón voz móvil marcando en tu terminal ##002#

By entering the following codes on your mobile. To do this, access the numeric keyboard of your terminal as if you were going to make a call, enter the sequence that corresponds to the service you want to activate or deactivate and press the call key so that your request is registered.

  • IF NO RESPONSE (where it says TIME, the number of seconds is put, between 5 and 30 seconds. Only multiples of 5)

Activate: ** 61 * 121 ** TIME #

Disable: ## 61 #


Activate: ** 62 * 121 #

Disable: ## 62 #


Activate: ** 67 * 121 #

Disable: ## 67 #


Activate: ** 21 * 121 #

Disable: ## 21 #


Activate / Deactivate: ## 002 #